Nowadays, erectile dysfunction is a very common problem of men; around 80% of men’s populations are facing difficulty in getting and preserving an appropriate penile erection during intimacy session due to various reasons. Impotence or erection problem may occur due to following reasons like physical health, psychological health and unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking of alcohol.

An intimate relations between the couple is very personal, nobody is interested to discuss the intimate topic with any other person. They keep their intimate relations between the four boundaries of bedroom.

Erectile dysfunction is considered as an inability of a man to achieve and maintain a sturdy erection while sexual intercourse and it is mainly caused due to poor or insufficient blood supply towards male genitals. While facing difficulty in erection, man starts feeling insecure in front of his partner and scared of being intimate with his partner and all these conditions make him aggressive, humiliating and lose masculinity.

To overcome the erection problem, you should need an effective and potent medication, which can successfully resolve your erection problem and make you happy by giving enormous satisfaction and pleasure during intimacy session. For the successful treatment of impotence or erectile dysfunction, you can try Fildena (generic Sildenafil citrate). Commercially, the available strengths of Fildena are 50mg and 100mg.

For Sensual Moments, Use Fildena

How Fildena solve erection problem?

Fildena contains generic Sildenafil citrate, which is a potent Phosphodiesterase type-5 inhibitor. Sildenafil works by inhibiting the functions of PDE type-5 enzyme and prevent the degradation of c-GMP chemical and supports in the relaxation and vasodilatation of smooth muscles of the corpus cavernosum of the male reproductive region and improves blood supply towards male genitals and induce stiffer and harder erection in men.

For desired and effective outcomes, you should take a single Fildena tablet before 50 minutes of lovemaking session. Swallow the whole tablet with a glassful of water. Only one tablet of Fildena is sufficient for one day and no need to take an excess quantity of medicine for maximum satisfaction. While consuming Fildena medication, you should strictly avoid taking high fat containing foodstuffs as it may disturb the rate of bioavailability of medicine and decrease the effectiveness of Fildena medicine.

While taking Fildena, you may observe various negative effects like severe headache, dizziness, stomach upset, muscle pain, shallow breathing, chest pain, tachycardia and bradycardia (irregular heartbeat).

Follow certain safety measures while taking Fildena in order to avoid adverse effects like-

  • Avoid smoking and use of alcohol with ED medication as it may aggravate the adverse effects.
  • Usage of nitrate derivative and Anti-anginal medications are strictly avoided with ED medicines as it may cause hypotension (severe low blood pressure).
  • Adolescents below the age of 18 years should not take Fildena.
  • Fildena makes you drowsy so, avoid driving and attention required activities after taking Fildena.
  • Fildena is strictly inadvisable in certain medical conditions like allergy towards generic Sildenafil citrate, renal or hepatic syndrome, cardiac disorder, penile deformity and breathing issues.

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