Erectile dysfunction can be the biggest dilemma for any male. Due to this condition, he can lose his masculinity. This condition forces him to embarrass frequently in front of his partner. Erectile dysfunction is a condition in which male become unable to satisfy her at bedtime due to the unsatisfactory erection. This physical condition occurs due to the improper supply of blood towards male's genital portion. Due to the inadequate circulation of blood in this area, male's reproductive organ becomes unable to achieve a hard and sturdy erection at the time of intimacy. Several factors are responsible for the production of erectile dysfunction such as injury in genital portion, excess intake of alcohol and smoking, diabetes, obesity, cardiac disorders, depression and distract concentration at the intimacy.

Although many drugs are present in market for the treatment of erectile dysfunction but none of them is too effective. Since the discovery of phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE 5) inhibitors, the problem of erectile dysfunction has completely finished. Cenforce is also a PDE 5 inhibitor, which helps to reduce erection problems. This drug works by diminishing the effects of PDE 5 enzyme in male's genital portion and boosts the nitric oxide. Due to the improvement in nitric oxide, blood vessels get dilated and allow to flow more blood in this area. This action leads to the generation of firm and solid erection at the time of intimacy.

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Cenforce Tablets

How should you use Cenforce?

Cenforce is accessible in a solid dosage form, so mode of administration of this drug is oral. The dose of this drug should be taken once in a day just 45 minutes before the planned physical intimacy. You are free to take it either with food or without having food, but do not take it with oily food, as oily food diminishes the drug absorption within the body. One pills is sufficient for producing enough erection at the time of lovemaking sessions, so do not repeat the dose of this drug in a same day.

You may feel few side effects after the consumption of this drug such as headache, dizziness, drowsiness, vomiting, body ache, sleepiness, nausea and short breathiness.

Some precautions that should be taken while using Cenforce:

  • Individuals who are allergic to generic Sildenafil citrate should avoid the use of this drug, as they may feel some hypersensitive reactions such as itching, hives and redness on skin.
  • Avoid driving just after the consumption of Cenforce, as it produces dizziness and sleepiness.
  • Grapefruit and grape juice should not be taken along with the use of Sildenafil citrate, as it decreases the drug bioavailability.
  • Limit the use of alcohol and other beverages along with the use of Sildenafil citrate, as it increases the risk of side effects.
  • If you are already using nitrate-containing medication, then avoid the use of any PDE 5 inhibitor. It has been reported that the combination of nitrate drugs and of PDE 5-inhibitors increases the blood pressure.

Experience a great pleasure of lovemaking sessions by reducing erectile dysfunction with Cenforce. This drug is obtainable in different dosages such as Cenforce 50 mg, 100 mg and 150 mg, so users can choose the strength according to their need.

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