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Brinzolamide Eye Drops

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Brinzolamide Eye Drops - Azopt Eye Drops

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Glaucoma is the eye disorder that makes the increased eye pressure. Azopt eye drop is the best solution for this problem of eye. Azopt is the generic Brinzolamide. It is sustains the equilibrium of the eye pressure. It also aids to upsurge the amount of eye fluid by attenuating the formation of bicarbonate.
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1 Bottle Brinzolamide Opthalmic Suspension 1% - 5 ml $39.99 $39.99
3 Bottle Brinzolamide Opthalmic Suspension 1% - 5 ml $109.99 $36.66


Azopt eye drops are suggested for the increases ocular pressure and for open angel for glaucoma. Brinzolamide is the essential integral of the Azopt eye drop. Brinzolamide is the carbonic anhydrase inhibitor group. It expedites with the breakdown of the carbonic acid and enhances the formation of bicarbonate. Bicarbonate is responsible for the formulation of aqueous humor of the eyes. If we reduce the formation of bicarbonate it ultimately results to reduce the formation of aqueous humor.

Additional Information

Generic Brinzolamide Opthalmic
Strength Azopt - Brinzolamide Opthalmic Suspension 1% - 5 ml

The recommended dose of Azopt eye drop is one drop thrice a day that can be installed with the help of a dropper. Process to be followed for the installation is Lie down and tilt the head back and pull the lower eyelid downward. Press the bottle so that the drop pricks down in the eyes and close your eyes for next two minutes so that it get sufficient time to get absorbed. If you are using any other medicine for your eyes then there must be a difference for at least 10minutes before its application.


In case of Missed Dose of Azopt Eye Drops If you have missed your dose take it as you recall but if the time you recall is just near to your next dose then skip the missed dose and continue with the daily schedule.


In case of Overdose of Azopt Eye Drops Do not take more than that of the prescribed dose. In case of overdose seek medical help.

Side Effects Side effect varies from person to person. Side effects that may be caused by Azopt eye drops are dry eyes, burning sensation in the eyes, irritation of the eyes, excessive tear formation, sleepiness, redness of the eyes, rashes, itching of the eyes.

Facts to be recalled before using the Azopt eye drops are

  • • This medical is only a topical ophthalmic preparation not an oral preparation.
  • • There should be at least difference of 10minutes between two different kinds of eye drops.
  • • Take away the contact lenses before installing the Azopt eye drops and also place contact lenses at least 10minutes after using the eye drop. • If allergic to Brinzolamide do not use Azopt eye drops.
  • • Avoid touching of the tip of the dropper to prevent contamination.
  • • If you had gone through any kind of eye surgery in the past avoids its use without prescription.
  • • If you are expectant or nourishing lady do not use it without prescription.
  • • Drugs that interact with the commotion of Azopt eye drops are NSAID’s like Aspirin; carbonic anhydrase like Methazolamide; antiviral drugs like Ritonavir; other drugs like clotrimazole.

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