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Desowen is non-halogenated corticosteroids which is available as creams and lotion. Desowen is applied to get ease from symptoms such as swelling, red skin and itchiness.  Desowen ointment is indicated for treatment of inflammation and pruritic manifestation of corticosteroid responsive dermatoses.

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The active constituent in Desowen is Desonide which is a chemically modified hydrocortisone. Desonide provides relief from symptoms such as irritation, inflammation, swelling, red skin and itchiness. Desonide binds to cytosolic glucocorticoid receptor and the complex formed binds to the genetic element on the DNA. The complex formed represses and activates various genes. Desonide like other corticosteroid may act by induction of phospholipase A2 inhibitory proteins. These proteins control the biosynthesis of prostaglandins which are potent mediators of inflammation and leukotrienes. Desonide on binding with glucocorticoid receptor results in decrease release of leukocyte acid hydrolases and inhibition of histamine and kinin release.

Additional Information

Generic Desonide (des oh nide)
Strength DesOwen - Desonide 0.05% (10gm Tube)

Desowen could be applied to the affected areas of the skin as a thin film two to threen times daily depending on the severity of condition.

How to apply

Apply the Desowen cream in small amount to the affected area and rub it gently until evenly distributed. After applying the cream the individual should wash his hands immediately. The treated area should not be covered after application. In case of lotion apply as per requirement to prevent dry skin.

Missed dosage - Desowen should be consumed immediately as soon as the individual remember the dosage. If the time has approached for the next dose the missed dose should be skipped. The dose should not be doubled to make up the dosage.

Overdosage - In case of overdosage contact your doctor immediately. Desowen could be harmful if it is swallowed.

Side Effects

Various side effects seen are stinging, itching, burning when applied to the skin. Other side effects seen are inflammation of mouth and hair follicles. There is allergic reaction such as rashes, hives, swelling or difficulty in swallowing. Excessive hair growth, thinning, softening or discoloration of the skin is other side effects observed. In case of use of prednisone and any other skin condition the doctor needs to be consulted.


Desowen Creams and lotions are contraindicated in patients who have history of hypersensitivity towards any components of the preparations or towards desonide.


Desowen should not be applied near eyes if you have glaucoma. Desowen is externally applied and should not be applied on any cut and burnt skin. Do not use in case there are sores or infection present on the area of skin. Desowen is not supposed to be applied to the groin or diaper area unless the doctor tells you otherwise. Physicians need to be consulted before using Desowen when the individual is on vaccination. In case of Dental care or surgery tell your doctor that you are using Desowen. Desowen should be used with extreme precaution in children. Corticosteroids affect the growth rate in children and teenagers. In case of pregnancy and breast feeding Doctor needs to be consulted. In condition where individuals are using any other drug or medication mor he is put on any vitamins or supplements. Minor drug interaction which may not be clinically relevant in all patients is seen when Desowen is prescribed with Acarbose, Aalogliptin, Acetohexamde, Actoplus, Amaryl,Apidra solo star and Avandia.

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