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Differin is a smooth white cream use to treat acne. Most of the people suffer from acne. Differin decreases the blackhead formation and small pimples which is caused due to blockage of skin pore .It works by decreasing the swelling and inflammation. 

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3 Tubes Differin Gel 0.1% 15gm $31.00 $10.33
9 Tubes Differin Gel 0.1% 15gm $85.00 $9.44


Differin is a third generation topical retinoid .Adapalene was approved in 1996 by US FDA for treatment of acne and is the most active constituent in Differin. Topical Adapalene decreases the amount of sebum oil which is produced in the sebaceous gland. Adapalene binds to retinoic nuclear receptor but does not bind to cytosolic receptor. Topical Adapalene normalises differentiation of follicular epithelial cells resulting in decrease formation of micromedone formation.

Additional Information

Generic ADAPALENE (a-DAP-a-leen)
Strength Differin - ADAPALENE Gel 0.1% 15gm

The gel is applied all over the face and any other effected areas of skin once in a day and is especially recommended during evening hours. The initial effect may involve apparent exacerbation of acne which should not be the reason for discontinuation of the therapy. The therapeutic results are seen in at least 10 to 12 weeks of regular treatment.

How to use the medication

Differin should be applied as per the physician prescription. As per the physician Differin should be applied once a day . Before applying hands should be washed properly .Washing of skin with cleanser is suggested instead of soap. A thin layer should be applied over the face. The medication should be applied for as many days as prescribed by the physician. Continue applying 8 to 10 weeks to see improvement. Call the doctor in case there is skin irritation is seen during usage.

In case of Missed Dose - Apply the medication as soon as you remember. In case of its time for next dose skip the missed dose and continue with the regular dose .Do not applies extra gel to make up the missed dose. The overdosage of Differin may leads to skin peeling, redness and skin discomfort and you need to seek medical attention.

Side Effects

Side effects are unwanted effect from a medication and it could be common and rare in nature. Common Side effect seen are Dryness, itching, scaling are common side effects reported Sensation of warmth and stinging may occur. Erythema, scaling and pruritus are other side effects reported. In case of Serious or Rare side effects which includes Intense burning, eye redness, rashes and skin discoloration it is advised to consult your doctor.


Precautions you need to know before consuming this medication Before taking Adapalene, the patient should discuss about the allergies which he has with the active and inactive ingredients. Incase of any history of eczema the doctors needs to be consulted. Precaution are required as the dosage makes you more sensitive to sun. On application of Adapalene extreme weather condition such as cold weather may lead to skin irritation. Differin should not be applied to broken skin Application should be avoided on eyes, lips and mucous membrane. Wait until your skin has totally recovered from sunburn before initiating Adapalene Therapy .

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