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Buy Levitra 20MG | 40MG

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Buy Levitra 20MG | 40MG

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Levitra 20mg is a medicine which is highly efficient in healing of the widely spread disarray known as Erectile Dysfunction or also called Male Impotency. Erectile Dysfunction has considered as a misdeed, but for your enlightenment we want you to tell that it is not a disease instead it is now considered as the symbol for the cardiovascular ailment. Generic Vardenafil is a core constituent which is available in the Levitra.
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30 Tablets Levitra Generic 40mg $119.99 $4.00
60 Tablets Levitra Generic 40mg $189.99 $3.17
90 Tablets Levitra Generic 40mg $265.99 $2.96
30 Tablets Filitra 20mg $60.00 $2.00
60 Tablets Filitra 20mg $90.00 $1.50
90 Tablets Filitra 20mg $100.00 $1.11


Levitra is the optimal medicine for an individual who is suffering from the Impotency. Vardenafil which is available in the Levitra 20mg belongs to the category of the medicine which inhibits the enzyme known as Phosphodiesterase type 5 which augmented the amount of the cGMP which also gets enhanced by the release of the nitric oxide from the nerve endings. The increased quantity of cGMP helps the smooth muscles to get relaxed and causes the dilation of the blood arteries which results in the running of the blood towards the penis. This leads to the erection of the male reproductive organ. You can buy Levitra 20mg from Buypharmacypills to live your life without any stress.

Additional Information

Generic Vardenafil Tablets
Strength Levitra Generic 20mg
Dosage The Levitra is prescribed in the initial days at the amount of 20mg which is the least dose to be given. The medicine is given by the mouth with the water so that the patient easily swallows it. You can take food with the consumption of medicine as it does not cause any affect but it is prescribed to not take any food that contain heavy oil. It is advice to not crush the medicine under the teeth as it can leave the bitter taste in the mouth. You should always take the described amount of the medicine at the same time every day. Never try to take the over amount of the drug as it can leads to the overdosing.
Side Effects

There are some side effects which are connected with the medicine. Do not react on reading the word side effects as it fluctuate in between everyone. Some of the side effects are mentioned below:

  • There are the chances of high blood pressure.
  • Increase or decrease in the heartbeats can occur.
  • Excessive supply of sweating.
  • Swelling can occur in the hands and feet.
  • Patient is not able to recall anything.
  • There is ringing in the ears.
  • Person is not able to see clearly.
  • Nausea.
  • Problem while breathing.
  • Pain in the muscles.
  • Insomnia can occur.
  • Headache.
  • Vomiting.
  • Urinary tract infection.
  • Allergic reaction like rashes and irritation.
  • Never take this medicine when you are allergic to Vardenafil.
  • Never take this medicine when you are planning to drive or going to operate any heavy machinery.
  • Grapefruit or its juice should not be given along with the medicine.
  • Alcohol should not be taken along with Levitra 20mg as it increases the effect of dizziness.
  • Always store the medicine at the room temperature, keeping it away from direct contact of heat and the wetness.

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