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Buy Retin A Micro Cream Online

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Retin-A Micro is vitamin A. It contains Tretinoin ranging from 0.1% to0 .04 % for treatment of acne vulgaris. Retin –A works at cellular level and increases skin cell turnover. It thickens the layer of skin below the outer protective layer and increases the blood flow to the skin.

Quantity Strength Price Unit Price
1 Tube Retin A Micro Cream 0.04% $4.75 $4.75
3 Tube Retin A Micro Cream 0.04% $13.07 $4.36
6 Tube Retin A Micro Cream 0.04% $25.65 $4.28


Tretinoin promotes Detachment of cornfield cell and increases the shedding of cornfield cell from the follicle. There is an increase in the mitotic activity of follicular epithelia which leads increases in the turnover rate of thin, loosely-adherent corneocytes. Tretinoin is also seen to activate three members of the retinoid Acid which includes RAR alpha, RAR beta and RAR gamma which may be required to modify gene expression and subsequently protein synthesis.

Additional Information

Generic Tretinoin Gel Microsphere
Strength Retin A Micro Cream 0.04%

Tretinoin Dosage is daily once before bed time. A thin layer is suggested to be applied. Retin-A Micro gel comes in gel form 0.04% in 45 gm. tubes. The product is applied every night before going to bed. Firstly wash your face and wait for 20 to 30 minutes. A pea size amount is taken for the entire face. Keep the medication away from mouth, nose, eyes and easily irritated area. Excessive amounts of medication should be avoided when applying. Retin –A Micro should not be applied on skin which has eczema, severely inflamed skin or open skin lesions. In the morning after getting up it is recommended to apply moisturizer with sunscreen. In case of missed dose skip the missed dose and continue applying with regular dosage as suggested by the doctor. Do not double your dosage to make up missed dosage. The medication should be stored at room temperature and must be kept away from children. Do not dispose medication in waste water.

Side Effects

Side effects are unwanted effects and may vary from mild to severe in nature. Less serious side effects reported include warmth, stinging, tingling, itching, peeling, irritation or discoloured skin. The medication also have severe side effects which includes chapping or slight peeling of the skin, increased sensitivity to sunlight, redness of the skin , skin rash, unusual dryness of skin and increased sensitivity to sunlight. In case of side effects like excessively red, swollen or crusted skin or there is a severe irritation and burning sensation call your doctor immediately. The medication is contraindicated in case there is abdominal cramps, nausea and vomiting or swelling of the face and throat observed.


While applying precaution should be taken if the Retin-A Micro gets into the eyes, angle of nose, eyelids and easily irritated area. Oil free cosmetics or water based cosmetics could be applied during treatment of Retin-A Micro gel but oil based cosmetics should be totally avoided. Skin irritation is seen in early weeks of treatment but if excessive irritation occurs then contact your doctor. Precaution is required in case of exposure to sunlight as may enhance the irritation .Therefore avoid going into the sunlight ad in case you cannot avoid sunlight use sunscreen products. The medication is not suggested in pregnancy period .If the individual gets pregnant while using the medication the medication should be stopped immediately and the doctor needs to be consulted. If Nursing mothers are using the medication it may affect the baby as Tretinoin passes into the breast milk. Retin-A Micro is not indicated in case of children below 12 years of age.

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