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Soriatane mainly used for managing the symptoms of Psoriasis and other types of skin infections. Acitretin is a main pharmaceutical ingredient present in the Soriatane. Psoriasis is a form of skin infection that is indicates with the red mark, itching and peeling of skin sensation. Acitretin is a Retinoid, Which is a form of Vitamin A. Acitretin categorized under the category of Keratolytic. It stimulates the Keratinocyte differentiation and reduces the epidermal hyperplasia and plays an important role in slow down the reproduction of cells.

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Acitretin is a significant compound of Soriatane. Acitretin is a Retinoid and have a structure similar to the Vitamin A. Acitretin involves in the growth or development of skin cells. Acitretin acts by inhibiting the excess cell growth and Keratinisation. In the Keratinisation condition, the skin becomes thick due to the deposition of protein. It decreases the thickening of skin, scaling and plaque formation. It also acts by ending the specific receptors in the skin and regularize the growth of skin cells.

Additional Information

Generic Acitretin (a si tre tin)
Strength Soriatane - Acitretin 10mg

The initial recommended dose of Soriatane is 25 mg. You should get 1 capsule of Soriatane orally within 24 hours. Soriatane capsule engulf with a full glass of water. Soriatane may be taken along with or without food. The dose of Soriatane depends on the age and severity of psoriasis disease. There should be a proper gap between the 2 doses of Soriatane.

What to do in case of overdose of Soriatane?

In case of the patient skip a dose of Soriatane, but if it is the time for the next dose omit the missed dose and follow your normal dose. Do not get the 2 tablets of Soriatane at a same time.

What to do in case of overdose of Soriatane?

Avoid the overdose of Soriatane. In case of overdosing of Soriatane immediately visit your nearest hospital and get some medical help.

Side Effects

Common side effects occur while using Soriatane- Itching, irritation, redness of the skin, Peeling of the skin, Eye irritation and dryness of eyes, Increased sensitivity to light, Peeling of the fingertips, palm and feet

Rare side effects happen while taking Soriatane- Hair loss, Taste changes, Chapped lips, Sleep problem, Ringing sounds in ears, High blood sugar

Soriatane  drug interactions

Medications interact with Soriatane- Medication used to managing the symptoms of Diabetes like Glyburide, Glibenclamide because it may increase the blood sugar level. Antibiotics such as Tetracycline and Doxycycline, Certain hormonal contraceptives, Anticonvulsant medicines such as Phenytoin, Carbamazepine and Phenobarbital, Vitamin A and Oral Retinoid, Methotrexate and Etretinate



  • If the patient is hypersensitive to Acitretin and any other dynamic therapeutic ingredient of Soriatane.
  • In case of the patient is suffering from kidney or liver disease.
  • If you have high blood lipid levels.
  • If you are already consuming Methotrexate, Tetracycline Antibiotics.
  • If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant.
  • In case of breast feeding
  •  If you are allergic to Retinoid
  • Try to ignore the use of alcohol while taking Soriatane.
  • Soriatane should not dispense to children who are under the age of 12 years.
  • Do not donate blood while you are using Soriatane.
  • Always use sunscreen lotion or wear cotton clothes while going outside during a day.
  • If you face any allergic reaction after intake of Soriatane immediately stop the use of medicine and consult your physician.

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