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Buy XENICAL 120mg / 60mg - Geenric ORLISTAT Online

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Buy XENICAL 120mg / 60mg - Geenric ORLISTAT Online

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Xenical containing orlistat is a well-known medicine that helps in the weight loss program and also reduces the chances to regain of lost weight. It is effective along with the low calorie diet. It acts by inhibiting the fat that you intake and stop it from absorbing. It contains Orlistat as the main component helps overweight person to lose weight. Along with weight reduction it benefits you by solving the problem of obesity, and reducing risk of cardiac problem, diabetes, hypertension, and breathing problems.

Quantity Strength Price Unit Price
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Xenical is magical pill for the overweight patients and help them to reduce weight and keep them fit. Its main component is Orlistat that is a member of anti-obesity family unambiguously gastrointestinal lipase inhibitors. Orlistat mainly acts by inhibiting the action of lipase and prevent from absorption of fat, as lipase is the main enzyme that facilitate the breakdown of fat into fatly acid. The unabsorbed or undigested fat gets passed out from the body with the bowl movement.

Additional Information

Generic Orlistat (or li stat)
Strength Xenical - Orlistat 60mg / 120mg

It is suggested to take one capsule of Xenical three times a day with food or after having food. Take its dose with low calorie diet and nutritionally balanced diet. In case you missed the meal containing fat than skip that particular dose of Xenical. In case you missed your dose take it as soon you recall but it should not be more than one hour after having meal. If the time is more than one hour skip this dose and continue with the preceding dose. Don’t take more than one dose at a time. Overdosing can be dangerous.

Side Effects

Allergic effects – Problematic breathing, hives, swelling of the face, tongue, lips or throat.

Common effects- stool containing oil or fats, spot if oil in the undergarments, orange colored oil in the stool, discharge of gas or oil, inability to control bowl movement, pain the stomach, rectal pain, nausea.

Severe effects- pain in lower back, painful and bloody urine, problematic urination, weakness, jaundice like symptoms.

  • Xenical is not safe for pregnant ladies, and lactating mothers.
  • Xenical is not safe for patients with chronic malabsorption syndrome, gall bladder problem.
  • Xenical is not safe for the patients allergic to orlistat.
  • Before taking Xenical consult your health provider if having problems like live related problem, kidney dysfunction, thyroid problem, eating problems, diabetes.
  • Drugs that can interact with this medicine are Cyclosporine, Vitamins, levothyroxine, warfarin,

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