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Combigan Eye Drops

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Combigan Eye Drops

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Combigan eye drops helps to lower down the eye pressure by reducing the fluid formation and increases the fluid outflow. Combigan is a combination of Brimonidine trinitrate and Timolol maleate. It’s an alpha-adrenergic receptor with a combination of beta-adrenergic receptor antagonist that helps to reduce the increased intraocular pressure (IOP).
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1 Bottle Combigan Solution 0.2-0.5 5ml Bottle $31.99 $31.99
3 Bottle Combigan Solution 0.2-0.5 5ml Bottle $93.99 $31.33


Combigan is an ophthalmic preparation used to lower the increased pressure in the eyes and also to treat glaucoma. it is prescribed to treat ocular hypertension and open-angle glaucoma. In Glaucoma fluid pressure of the eyes gets high that may be caused by the accumulation of the fluid that flow through the eyes and outflow of the fluid gets slow. This increased eye pressure may result into the loss of eye sight. Brimonidine decreases the fluid amount that reduces eye pressure. Timolol reduces eye pressure.

Additional Information

Generic BRIMONIDINE (bri-MOE-ni-deen)+TIMOLOL (TIM-oh-lole)
Strength Combigan Solution - BRIMONIDINE+TIMOLOL 0.2-0.5 5ml Bottle

The recommended prescribed dose of Combigan eye drop is one drop twice a day in the affected eye with the difference of 12 hours. Use this eye drops daily at the same time. You can put the drops in sitting and lying position. If you are using contact lenses remove them at least 10minutes prior to put eye drops. Process is

  • • Rinse your hands properly with soap or water.
  • • Remove the lid of the bottle.
  • • Hold the bottle upside down.
  • • Pull the lower eyelid to form a pouch.
  • • Incline your head back and look upward.
  • • Bring the bottle tip close to the eyelid but don’t touch it with eye.
  • • Discharge one drop intothe pouch by softly squeezing the bottle.
  • • Close the eyes and avoid rubbing and blinking.
Side Effects Combigan eye drops used to treat ocular hypertension and glaucoma but it also has some unwanted effects. Sometimes it’s serious but mostly it’s temporary. Some of the side effects of combing are redness of the eyes, eye congestion, burning sensation in eyes, stinging in eyes, conjunctivitis, eye inflammation, abnormal vision, nodule formation on under surface of the eyelid, allergic reaction, folliculitis, eye pruritus, conjunctival hyperaemia, burning of the eyes.
  • • Patients having the problem of COPD, bronchospasm, coronary insufficiency, orthostatic hypotension should not use Combigan eye drops.
  • • If you are having more than one eye drop than wait for at least 5-10 minutes before using the eye drop.
  • • There should be at least 15 minutes time difference before you place your contact lenses back.
  • • Don’t touch the tip of the dropper to avoid contamination.
  • • Don’t use Combigan eye drops if you are allergic to Brimonidine trinitrate and Timolol maleate.
  • • Don’t use this eye drops for pregnant ladies and breast feeding mothers.
  • • This eye drop is not meant for children.

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