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Filitra 40

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Filitra - Vardenafil Tablets 40mg

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Filitra is the genuine drug that is approved for the controlling of erectile dysfunction that is the main cause of impotence. For the pleasing sexual activity you require the erection or the hard erection but in case of an erectile dysfunction you miss it. Erectile problem may be sue to stress, or may be due to some disorder, or due to low level of testosterone, alcohol abuse, and many more. Reason may be anyone but the treatment is simple Filitra.
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30 Tablets Filitra 40mg Verdenafil 40mg $40.00 $1.33
60 Tablets Filitra 40mg Verdenafil 40mg $65.00 $1.08
90 Tablets Filitra 40mg Verdenafil 40mg $79.00 $0.88


Filitra 40mg is the most suitable treatment of erectile dysfunction and in some cases impotence also. Filitra contains verdenafil that is the effective Phosphodiesterase and also deeds by limiting the action of PDE-5 inhibitor. By the inhibition of PDE-5 leads to the activation of cGMP that is responsible for the widening of the blood vessels that carries blood to near the penis and the male reproductive system. This improves flow of blood aid to collect the blood in the tissues of the pains and that collected blood is responsible for the erection. The erection that is long lasting to gives you the pleasure of lovemaking and sexual intercourse. For all this to happen take the pill at the time you are aroused and please to do the act of lovemaking.

Additional Information

Generic Filitra 40mg - Generic Vardenafil Tablets
Strength Filitra 40mg Vardenafil 40mg
Dosage The proposed dose of Vilitra is 40 mg per day. This dose can be increased or decreased on the basis of the patient condition. Take only one table with water and that can be before food or after food but not with the food that contains lots of fats. the effect of this tablet starts in just 10-15 minutes so its recommended to take the tablet about 20-30 minutes before yopu prepare yourself for the physical intercourse. Keep in mind that yopu only have to take one pill, if you take more than that you may be in threat. In case you feel that you have taken an excess dose than required consult your doctor as soon as possible.
Side Effects

The effects that is not required

The unwanted effects of the Filitra tablet are

  • Common effects that do not cause any kind of harm are nausea kind of feeling, vomiting, headache, dizziness, inflammation, wooziness, giddiness, pain in back, rashes, and nasal stiffness, stomach disturbance like pain or ulcers.
  • Some effects that can be harmful but are rare like problem in breathing, haziness in vision, redness, hearing disorder, flushing, loss of hairs, seizures, burring type of feeling in the heart, uneven heartbeat.
  • In few cases the erection become very painful or it may proceeds for more than 4hours.
  • Kidney patients, liver patients, heart patients should not have the pill without prescription.
  • Patient allergic to Vardenafil should not use this pill in any case.
  • Patients having the other pill that contains nitrate should not use this pill of Filitra.
  • Patents should not take with pill with the grapefruit and grape fruit juice.
  • Patients below the age of 18 and the females are strictly prohibited to use this pill.
  • Patients having the alpha-blockers should not use the pill of Filitra
  • Patients having the antifungal drugs should not use the pill of Filitra.
  • Patients having the antibiotics should not take the Filitra pill.
  • Patients having the drugs for arrhythmia should not use the Filitra.
  • Patents having the severe problem of HIV or AIDA should not use any pill for erection problem.
  • Patients should not do driving after the pill because this pill causes the dizziness.
  • Patients should avoid alcohol.
  • Keep in mind this tablet is for erection only not to prevent pregnancy or any sexually transmitted disease.

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